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Mon, Apr. 26th, 2004, 05:47 pm
thedeadparrot: Application Post

Apply for posting status here. The rules, once again, for those of you who didn't read over the userinfo.

For posters:
1. No requests. There are other places for that. There's a reason why iconrequests exists.
2. No bases. Bases are basically cropped images with maybe a 1px border. Sorry. This is about the icons, not the bases.
3. No fanart. We don't want irritable fanartists coming over here and causing a stink.
4. If there are more than three icons that you're posting, put them behind a cut or a link somewhere else. This is a courtsey for those still on dialup.
5. If you don't get accepted, you can apply again later. There is no limit on the number of times you can apply.
6. Slashy icons should be put under a cut/link with a warning.
7. When applying, put "We Salute You" in the comment header, so we know you read the rules.

Application Procedure
1.Post at least 2 icons that are good examples of your work. They do not have to be music related. We simply want to get a good idea of your work.
2. After you have been approved by both thedeadparrot AND irishikesh, then click on the "join community" link. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO JOIN THE COMMUNITY BEFORE YOU HAVE APPLIED. ONLY CLICK ON THE LINK AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED BY BOTH MODS.
3. We will also give constructive criticism of your icons, if you want it. Otherwise, we will simply give you a "yes" or a "no".
4. It might take us a bit to get back to you. Be patient.

Happy applying!

ETA: Yeah, we suck. A lot. But irishikesh and I haven't really been approving people for a while due to lack of interest and other, RL stuff. So as not to confuse people, I'm disabling comments here. Sorry.